Rabu, 09 Maret 2011

Total Wellness the Holistic Way

Our concept of Total Wellness is that it can only comes from the healthy and balance of all human's aspects (body - emotion - mind - spirit). So this means that we should look after all of these aspects (wholly) to reach Total Wellness. Without the wholly aspects taken care of then there is only fragmented life that we experience. Fragmented cares of our aspects make it a ticking time bomb for us. Thus came our motto: "Total Wellness the Holistic Way"

Human is made from several elements, namely 5 (five) elements, from Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. Each element representing aspects from humanity. Ether represents our Idea; Air = our imagination/emotion; Fire = our motivation; Water = our relationship; and Earth = our physical action. Moreover, these elements also connected to our internal organs, Ether = nerve, voices, five senses; Air = heart, lungs, respiratory system; Fire = liver, stomach, artery and vena on upper abdomen; Water = blood, muscles, pancreas, kidneys and reproductive system; and Earth = bones, teeth, skin, legs, arms, etc.

In the perfect state, each of these elements are balanced and developed at the rate of each individual's needs. But many distraction are now coming from several direction, e.g. pollution, not only coming from air, water, sound but also from our mind. Because of these pollutions, balance and sometimes alignement of these elements become disturbed. The disturbances in these 5 (five) elements energy invite dis-ease to our internal organs. Thus, this is the start of many problems in our health.

Our aim is to locate the source of the problem then do the holistic works to balance and realign the disturbed element(s). The holistic works may include energy balance, massage, acupressure, hypnotherapy, healthy food and life style's suggestions, crystal balancing, etc.

To be well is the works of your own self. So, of course we need all the help you can give.

Harmonic Heart Blessing to all of you!


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